Gutter Guard SA 

(DRP Universal Pty Ltd)

Gutter down pipe Leaf Catcher Boxes:

SA quality PVC moulded leaf catcher filter box with clip off lid, easy to install. Made to be attached to standard round 80mm pvc down pipes. Supplied is box with instructions. R250 each plus VAT. 

Unit also available to fit 110 mm down pipes. (R280 each plus VAT) 


                                                          Leaf catcher for 110mm down pipes




  •  Leaf catchers with Aluminium mesh and flip up splash covers: 

Available for 80mm, 110mm, 160mm and 200mm down pipes.

·        Leaf Catcher with cover for 80mm pipe – R590

·        Leaf Catcher with cover for 110mm pipe – R590

·        Leaf Catcher with cover for 160mm pipe – R690

·        Leaf Catcher with cover for 200mm pipe – R850