Gutter Guard SA 

(DRP Universal Pty Ltd)

Gutter Guard Product Range and Pricing:

(all prices are excluding VAT)

1) Aluminium Gutter Mesh:

Our most popular seller, this gutter guard system uses expanded aluminium mesh.  6 mm x 4 mm diamond holes, 1 mm thick and standard 125mm wide to fit most domestic gutters. (other widths available on request such as industrial 150 mm wide). Supplied in 1,2 metre lengths. Mesh gutter guards are expanded metal sheets filled with holes that cover the gutter sifting out all the debris but lets water fall down into the gutter.  Best attached to the outside edge of the gutter with self tapping screws (screws are supplied). Can be fitted to most gutter systems including plastic PVC and extruded steel gutters. Very easy to install. (Attached on the right is the installation instructions sheet in PDF format). Can be flat packed or rolled for easy transport/courier. R45 per metre for the 125mm and R50 per metre for the 150mm.


2) Plastic mesh with clips:

The plastic mesh product is UV stabilised and made of durable, flexible plastic. Mesh gutter guards are filled with holes that cover the gutter. Smaller holes sift out all the debris but let water fall down into the gutter. Plastic clips are spaced along the gutters at approx 400mm intervals to sturdy the mesh and keep it in place. It is supplied in 5.5 metre rolls with 10 clips per roll.  The mesh is 160 mm wide and fits most gutter systems and can be trimmed with scissors. The holes (aperture) of the mesh is 8 x 8 mm. The standard colour of the plastic mesh and clips is light grey. Pricing is R95 per 5.5 metre roll  including the clips. Easy to install.



3) Gutter Brush (Bottle Brush):

Gutter Brush (bottle brush) is similar to those pokey bristles that prevent birds from landing on things like statues. The bristles face upright so debris can rest on top while water flows into the down-pipes. The leaves then dry and blow off or eventually breakdown to small pieces to easily pass through the gutter system. 

The bristles are made of 0.75mm UV resistant polypropylene. The core is twisted stainless steel wire. It is suitable for all gutter types as well as unusual shaped gutters and hard to access gutters. It is also effective for rainwater harvesting and preventing hail from blocking the gutters causing them to overflow into the ceiling.

Also a good product to prevent birds from roosting and nesting in roof cavities. Can be cut into smaller pieces and placed in holes in the roofng etc.

It is supplied in 1 meter lengths and 125 mm diameter. Pricing is R85 per metre for the standard domestic gutter - 125mm diameter. Other diameters can be quoted on. 









4) First Flush diverter kits for 80mm down pipes: (see the First flush tab for further information and pictures).

R295 per kit. (R395 for kits for 110mm down pipes)



5) Leaf Catcher Box: R250 (see the leaf catcher tab for further information and pictures). 

Fits standard 80mm down pipes (leaf catchers for 110mm down pipes also available)